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Welcome to

This simple to use Online Web Application will record, translate and read out loud any text or speech input. Focusing on fast performance and responsiveness, instead of processing text files, this page is designed to compute a large number of short in and out requests.

First enter a text of your choice or paste the clipboard information to the big primary panel. Now press the green »Speak«-button for a basic Text-to-Speech request. Next, you can set the site to automatically translate and output the text in another language.

Now the interface gives you the possibility to choose the desired Voice-Type from a drop-down list, alter the amplitude/pitch and adjust the speech speed. When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the audio output as an Mp3 file for further use. Adding some post-processing please check out Audacity and the plugins page for effects.

Finally, a special and advanced feature offers you to use the devices microphone and record Speech-to-Text, directly translating this text to another language and reading the result aloud. This feature is pretty straightforward, it kind of works like voice commands and doesn't require a lot of time or effort. Just make sure the selected language matches the one being spoken and voice-recorded. By these few simple steps, you can convert any speech or text into another language. This makes communicating easy in all kinds of different languages.

The Web-Application enables you to use it as an interpreter, for translating and quickly communicating in dialogs. For this purpose, you can use the »Swap Languages«-button to quickly change the input and output language settings for directly replying to a second user. Pressing the »Clear-Input«-button restores all options to their default value. All playback can be canceled anytime using the »Silence«-button. No matter if you'd like to learn a new language for education or simply want to chat with someone that doesn't speak your language, is the perfect web tool to help you out.

If you are happy with the site, please use the Share-this-Page link at the top-right corner; This will copy your language and text settings to a URL that can be shared quickly.

Just a few short notes: Service updated and validated successfully on 27/04/2023 9:26pm. This service does not store browser-cookies. The server-connection is encrypted and all input is kept private, unless you decide to share. This service is 100% free for personal and private use. Please make sure you save the output to your device. Due to limited hard-drive space, any on-demand mp3 file made available will be removed about once or twice a month. To hide text letters from the URL parameters you share, take a look at this little project. Thanks for all the support.
Good vibrations only. Have fun!

Please send me a few bucks for commercial use.